Investment Philosophy

The primary investment objective of La Mancha is to provide exposure to mining assets in gold and battery metals. The Fund will invest primarily in a concentrated portfolio of long-only listed equities but may also consider investing a small proportion of its assets in private equity holdings.

Building on the group’s investment history, La Mancha targets significant stakes in mining companies with strong managerial and geological potential to implement a long-term value creation strategy which aims to:

• Promote operational efficiency improvements through streamlining the cost base, enhancing management capabilities when required, optimising life of mine plans, increasing plant efficiency, and reinforcing ESG action plans.

• Assist in unlocking organic growth and value creation opportunities by defining long term exploration plans, building new mines, and increasing plants’ throughput.

• Foster and support accretive external growth opportunities through bolt-on acquisitions, regional consolidation, and exploring mergers with larger players.

As part of our mandate, we aim to improve ESG metrics within our portfolio companies during our investment tenure. We believe that ESG is integral to success and profitability in the mining sector.

Overall, the group has contributed to building sizable mining companies that generate superior capital returns to shareholders.