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La Mancha Holding S.à.r.l. (“La Mancha”) is pleased to announce the creation of La Mancha Fund SCSp (“the Fund”), a Luxembourg-based deep value, longonly fund dedicated primarily to gold mining, which will be advised by La Mancha Capital Advisory LLP (“LMCA”)1. The first closing has just been completed with the receipt of all of La Mancha’s gold mining assets2 as well as an investment of USD 100 million from a strategic partner now investing alongside the Sawiris family. As of today’s date, the Fund is invested in excess of USD 1.4 billion in assets and is assessing a number of new opportunities. The Fund will in due course be open to other qualified investors.

La Mancha Resource Capital LLP. Registered in England and Wales under registration number OC368461, Registered office address - 161 Brompton Road, Second Floor, London, England, SW3 1QP.