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Our global reach.

The Fund is invested in mining and royalty companies that are focused on superior value creation for investors.
La Mancha targets a balanced portfolio at different stages of the mine life cycle (from development to production) offering investors a combination of growth and yield.
Building on our operational mining experience and expertise in gold, we aim to diversify and broaden the Fund’s geographical range and metal mix further through exposure to the fast-growing and globally significant energy transition metals sector.
The Fund has also diversified its exposure to gold mining by investing into royalty companies, seeking see-through exposure to royalties and streams. We believe these have become an important component of mining company funding and help diversify portfolio risk with a favourable risk-reward top-line exposure to commodities.
Mining Assets

La Mancha Resource Capital LLP. Registered in England and Wales under registration number OC368461, Registered office address - 161 Brompton Road, Second Floor, London, England, SW3 1QP.