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ESG risk evaluation management essential throughout the investment.

ESG is at the core of our investment evaluation, execution, and management. La Mancha’s technical and in-the-field expertise uniquely positions it to support the Fund’s portfolio companies through proactive and strategic approaches to ESG challenges.
Due Diligence
  • Identify, analyse and evaluate critical ESG factors and identify critical risk mitigation requirements
  • Ensure no fatal flaws which could cause reputational, stakeholder, or environmental damage
  • Align management with the Fund’s ESG philosophy (including resource stewardship, diversity, community support)
  • Define ESG goals and targets to implement mine closure
  • Ensure structures and systems are adequate to monitor progress
  • Baseline ESG systems & structure to measure ESG performance if investment is made
Fund Compliance and Reporting
  • Compile ESG qualitative and quantitative data across portfolio 
  • Report on aggregated ESG metrics & KPIs on a quarterly and yearly basis 
  • ESG committee to review performance and suggest actions 
  • Comply with SFDR, PRI
  • Promote industry best practice
  • Align LMRC portfolio requirements & annual reporting with ESG reporting frameworks & standards
Ongoing Influence Throughout Investment Tenure
  • ESG improvement action plan in the year following the investment with appropriate KPI’s to articulate ESG performance
  • Software supported management operating system aligned with mining standards & permits
  • Continuously monitor ESG with data driven & tech supported management systems to ensure conformity with industry standards & compliance requirements
  • Set relevant & meaningful ESG targets at portfolio company boards level 
  • Mandatory incident and corrective action reporting
  • Mandatory decarbonisation strategy

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